Tresticklan National Park

Hunting and fishing

Hunting in the area during the period when it was common land was free for everyone, by and large, with the exception of the crown’s wildlife.

Up until the 1950s there was an abundance of fish in Stora Tresticklan lake. Fishing, which was essentially free for everyone, was an important contribution to the support of people in the area. They fished for salmon trout and char, and when these species spawned in the autumn, the place was marked on land with a cairn, what locals called a “röjevarp”. Good places for catching perch were given names that ended with “ule”. Several such place names remain, such as Brattule and Borgoleule.

In 1857 a man named Andreas had a rustic cottage built, which became known as Södra Sälgedalen. He supported himself and his family largely on what fish he could catch in Boksjön and Tresticklan lakes and the small tarns.

In the early part of the 20th century, angling went on to a certain extent among the area’s people, particularly around midsummer. They would spend the night by a log fire, grilling and eating the fish that had been caught.

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