Söderåsens nationalpark

Important information from National park managment.

This spring the National park management will work on several projects which will have an effect for visitors to the national park. There will be work conducted at:

Nackarp-valley: Drilling for water for the municipality of Röstånga/Svalöv. There will be a pump house built near the toilet house in Nackarp-valley. Should be completed by 1 May.

Liagården: The demolishing of the house will commence 6 February. Part of the rest area will be closed off. A porta-loo will be placed outside the barriers. Camping will only be possible near the meadow at the far end of the rest area. The blue trail (Hjortsprångs-trail) will be open and accessible. New shelters, fire-places etc. will be built and be ready hopefully in time for the summer season.

Killahuset: The croft house floor needs to be renovated. If work progresses well the cabin will be open again 1 April.

Skäralid: A bypass-channel will be built by the Skärdammen-pond. There will be a built canal passing over and by some of the tables and grills from the pond down towards the stream downward the grill area.

Prince Oskar nature play: The “playground” will be built near the visitor centre and dinosaur. At some points, this work and the by-pass work will be worked on simultaneously.

At all times the work areas are off-limits. Looking is allowed but please do not obstruct.
Children should be kept under parental guidance.
Please note: Machines are not toys – respect fences and boundary’s set.

If you have any questions please contact: Bo Davidsen 010 22 415 05

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