Ängsö National Park
Steamboat mooring at Ängsö.Foto: Ängsö nationalpark


Ängsö is always open to visitors – but the island can be reached only by boat.

About the activity

In spring and summer boat trips depart from Stockholm by and large daily. You can also visit the island with your own boat or by water taxi. Regular boat service takes visitors to Hemudden, where there also is a guest jetty for overnight stays in one’s own boat.

There is a small, un-manned, visitor centre here with a rest area and an exhibit about Ängsö. Here you will also find an information board, toilet and waste bin. From Hemudden a network of marked paths leads across the island.

There are natural harbours where you can put in with your own boat at Svartviken and Norrviken. There are informational signs and toilets by these natural harbours.


The whole year

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