Foto: Laponiatjuottjudus

About Sweden's National Parks

National park is the highest distinction a nature area can receive. Sweden’s national parks comprise a magnificent mosaic of different landscape types – from the leafy beech forests of Söderåsen to Sarek’s grandiose alpine world. From the teeming coral reef of Kosterhavet to the undulating sand dunes of Gotska Sandön and Tiveden’s bewitching forests.

As early as 1909 Sweden established its first nine National parks, which also were the first in Europe. Now, just over 100 years later, there are 30 of them. They are among the natural endowments most worth protecting, our natural heritage that we and future generations can enjoy. Many of the national parks have visitor centres and easy walking trails.

You have a standing invitation, at any time, year-round with free entry to all Sweden's national parks and Naturum visitor centers.


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