Kosterhavet National Park
Foto: Lars Ove Loo

Snorkel trails

You are welcome to try Kosterhavet’s snorkel trails. There is one by Rörvik on South Kloster and one in Hasslebukten on Saltö.

About the activity

A snorkel trail is an underwater nature trail. The snorkel trails are about 200 metres long and lie at a depth of 1-1.5 m. A blue-coloured line on the bottom leads you around to eight information boards beneath the water. There are information boards on land that explain more about the snorkel trails and what you can see. Two buoys, at the start and finish, indicate where in the water you will find the snorkel trail. The blue-coloured line on the bottom is also visible from the surface of the water. A pair of fins can facilitate swimming, and if the water is cold, a wetsuit is a good idea. Give some thought to not snorkelling alone, or at least having someone on land keeping watch.

Read more about what there is to discover under the sea by downloading the brochure below:


June - October

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