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Skuleskogen National Park

Slåttdalsberget and hikes from the north

The North Entrance is 25 metres above the sea. A 70-metre wooden ramp extends from the car park by the national park boundary into the entrance area by the edge of the steep shoreline of Salsviksbäcken.

About the activity

Here at the foot of Krypenberget mountain and amid towering spruce and aspen trees, there are places to sit, fireplaces and information for visitors.

Salsviken 0.9 km

From the entrance you follow Höga Kustenleden (the High Coast Trail) south into the national park. You immediately come to a short detour up onto the Krypenbranten slope where the rare hanging Methuselah's beard lichen can be observed. After almost another 800 metres, you are down by the sea in the beautiful natural setting of Salsviken cove. The continuing ongoing land uplift is gradually changing Salsviken into a lake. At the outlet to the sea, there is a beautiful campsite with its own sandy beach, fireplace and earth closet. You can get fresh water from Salsviksbäcken brook upstream from Salsviken, but to be completely safe, the water should be boiled.  

Slåttdalsberget 4.1 km

From the North Entrance you follow the orange markings on Höga Kustenleden (the High Coast Trail) southwards past Salsviken cove. After about 1.5 kilometres, the path makes a sharp turn uphill towards Tärnättvattnen, which is about 170 metres above the sea. At the shore of the lovely tarn, there is a small cabin with four bunks and a wood stove. From here you have a hike of about 800 metres to the Slåttdalsskrevan crevice and about another 100 metres of elevation to the top of the mountain.

When you have arrived at the Slåttdalsskrevan crevice, don’t forget to go out to the vantage point on the north side. If you decide to take the path over Slåttdalsberget mountain on the way back, you will get even more magnificent views, if that is possible.


Hela året

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