Kosterhavet National Park
Foto: Anita Tullrot


On some of the islands in Kosterhavet there are marked hiking trails.

About the activity

Koster Islands

The varied landscape creates the right conditions for abundant plant and animal life.

Rossö island

You can easily get to beaches on Rossö and the Kockholmen peninsula by car or bicycle. Here you can walk among gnarled pines, grazed grasslands and sandy and rocky beaches, where you can find the rare oysterplant, among other things. The geology is interesting, with bedrock made up primarily of granite that in Kockholmen is intersected by a wide rhomb porphyry dyke.

Saltö island

The terrain on Saltö is hilly, with rocks and long valleys. But there are plenty of easily walked paths that run back and forth across the island. You can walk around here in everything from ramrod straight pine forests and sandy beaches to weather-beaten flat rocks and shingle fields.

Ursholmen island

Ursholmen, with its lighthouse station, is Kosterhavet’s western outpost. Follow the path from the harbour up to the lighthouse tower. In clear weather you can glimpse a hint of the Väderö islands far to the south. Ursholmen can be reached only by boat, either your own or a charter boat from Strömstad. Soon visitors will be able to stay for one or several nights in the old lighthouse keepers’ residences.


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