Norra Kvill National Park
Foto: Sigge Sundström

When you should visit the park

Norra Kvill National Park has something to offer year-round.


Early in the morning in March-April, you can hear both hazelhens and capercaillies, and if you are lucky, also the whistling of the pygmy owl. Later in May there is a good chance of finding three species of frogs in the lakes: the common toad, the moor frog and the common frog. Black woodpeckers are always present, as well as crossbills, willow tits and crested tits.


Summer is the time when the park gets the most visitors. This is when the marsh Labrador tea next to Stora Idgölen flowers, and aromas of honey and warm pinewood fill the air on southern slopes. In July-August orchids such as the heartleaf twayblade and creeping lady's tresses are in bloom.


Now quiet has settled over the park and a hike is peaceful and relaxing. The woodpeckers can be seen and heard, and maybe you will scare up some capercaillies if you are out early in the morning.


The road up to the park is not maintained in winter as things now stand, but if the snow cover is adequate, it still is possible to visit the park on skis! Take advantage of the chance to see the park in its winter garb – there are few visitors then and you will get a piece of wilderness all to yourself.

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