Sonfjället National Park
Foto: Kenneth Johansson

Safety and rules

The nature in Sonfjället National Park awaits you – be careful with it. You protect it by following the regulations that have been established for visits to the national park.

As a visitor you may:

  • gather berries and mushrooms
  • pick up dry branches or twigs to build a fire or construct shelter
  • fish in Lake Valmen and Styggtjärn tarn, provided you have a fishing licence

but you may not:

  • remove minerals or other geological materials
  • break off branches or cut down or in any other way damage living or dead trees, brushwood and shrubs
  • gather or dig up plants
  • gather or trap insects, fish or other animals, or in any other way disturb wildlife
  • operate motor vehicles anywhere except on designated roads and in parking areas
  • hunt, fish  or ride horses
  • park caravans or motorhomes
  • land aircraft or fly lower than 300 metres above the ground
  • bring unleashed dogs into the park
  • set up notice boards or posters or establish orienteering checkpoints or marked trails

Snowmobile traffic is not allowed in the national park, and there are no snowmobile trails.

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