Abisko National Park
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Shorter walks

For those who want to go on a shorter tour in the National Park, a Sami settlement or the Abiskoeatnu canyon work well as destinations. These walks take about an hour.

About the activity

Abiskoeatnu canyon

Most people visit the canyon on the north side of the motorway E10. Many think this is the most beautiful part of the canyon. 

From naturum Abisko visitor centre you can go west directly, or you can start by going north, past the tourist station and youth hostel and then west (this is a more accessible pathway). 

For best accessibility with wheel-chair, you can take your car and park it west of the Tourist station, along the road to Lake Torneträsk. From there, there is a gravel trail with less slopes.

Follow the yellow marked trail. When you are approaching the canyon, you pass a small cottage and a museum, then you pass a tunnel wich has been decorated by an artist. You continue to the west and reach Abiskojåkka and the canyon.

On the west side of the river, you can follow the canyon along a wooden pathway for about 300 metres. Then you reach a picnic area and the "golden crown" which is the symbol of the Swedish National Parks. This place can be reached with a wheelchair. 

The canyon  consists of hard schist and dolomite, and has rich vegetation. Dippers nest in the area.

When the wooden planway stops, you can continue on a small and rocky path. There is a bridge over the canyon and from here there are nice photo opportunities. If you like you can go back on a path on the eastern side of the canyon. There is also a gravel road leading to lake Torneträsk. 

You can also walk through the tunnel to the south side of E10 and watch Abiskojåkka. From the small road south of and parallell to E10 motorway, you can see the Abiskojåkka river tumble down a tunnel dug beneath the 1899 railway building.

Discovery places

In nine different places around naturum Abisko Visitor centre there are "discovery places". They are designed to make you see and learn something new about the area´s nature and culture. For more information, please contact naturum Abisko. 

The shore ("Stranden") 

If you follow the green trail you reach the shore of lake Torneträsk, Sweden´s seventh largest lake. If you have a special permit you may take your car and park it down by the lake. Then there is a 30 metres long gravel trail to a picnic spot with benches, information and a wheel-chair accessible fireplace. 

Bird hill

From Bird Hill you can look over the delta of  Abiskojåkka and its abundance of birds. The delta is a bird sanctuary where access is prohibited from 1 May to 31 July.

The Sami camp

Take the designated path behind the railway station. After 300 m you will come to the Sami camp, a reconstruction of life in an autumn and spring camp. The camp contains storage buildings, Sami wooden huts and drying facilities.


The whole year

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