Fulufjället National Park
A large rock where different lichens grow.Foto: Stefan Hamréus

About Fulufjället National Park

Fulufjället National Park is a virtually untouched nature area in the southern part of the mountain range. The mountain rises in the landscape as a plateau that has steep sides and is flat on top. No reindeer graze here, so the mountain heath is covered with a thick carpet of lichen.

The Njupeskär waterfall is one of the highest in Sweden, cascading a total of 93 metres with a free fall of 70 metres. For thousands of years the water has chiselled out a deep canyon. Most of the visitors come to see it. From the top of the falls, you have a fantastic view of the canyon and the landscape.

The national park was dedicated in 2002. It measures 38,500 hectares (385 square kilometres), two-thirds of which is bare mountain heights and heath.

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