Pieljekaise National Park
Foto: Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten

Safety and rules

In Pieljekaise National Park there are regulations on what you may and may not do. The purpose of the regulations is to protect the values of the national park.

You are allowed to:

  • take dry branches and twigs to build a fire or to set up shelter
  • pick edible mushrooms and berries
  • operate snowmobiles outside the national park and as far as the park boundary

...but not to:

  • damage land and rocks or take away geological material
  • damage living or dead trees, twigs and bushes
  • pick or dig up plants
  • disturb wildlife, hunt or fish
  • damage ancient remains or cultural remnants
  • operate snowmobiles inside the national park
  • land with aircrafts, including drones.

For dogs, the regulations are:

  • That dogs always are on a leash and may be in the park only from January 1 until April 30.
  • However, on Kungsleden (the King’s Trail) dogs on a leash may accompany you throughout the year.

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