Sarek National Park
Foto: Carl-Johan Utsi


With luck you can catch sight of bears, wolverines, lynx or some of the unusually large elk.

The elk first wander out of Sarek after elk hunting season in late fall and early winter. The wildlife in Sarek often travels in the valleys, which run through the high alpine landscape like arteries.

In the verdant birch forests you will find willow warblers, bramblings, blue-headed wagtails, bluethroats and pied flycatchers. Teal, tufted ducks and other small waterfowl swim in the small lakes, and higher up on the alpine heaths Lapland buntings, golden plovers, dotterels and grouse can be heard. In Sarek there also are many birds of prey such as golden eagles, rough-legged buzzards and merlins.

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