Sarek National Park
Foto: Laponiatjuottjudus


In Sarek you stay on nature’s terms. The area has not been adapted for tourists. There are no marked trails or cabins with sleeping accommodations. This means it is more difficult to hike here then in Padjelanta/Badjelánnda. 

The cabins that exist are for reindeer husbandry or to maintain and administer the national park. There are only a few bridges, such as the seasonal bridge in Skárjá.

Books about Sarek often maintain that the name means a weak reindeer bull. But philologists are not in agreement about this denotation. The name can also be a derivation of the world “sarre”, or bilberry, or come from the Sami word for a pointed reindeer horn.

This is an area to which Sami people have travelled with their reindeer for hundreds of years, and the traces of this are numerous, but unobtrusive. Be on the lookout for old hearths, old settlements and ancient reindeer migratory paths. And take it easy if you approach a group or herd of reindeer. Sit down and wait for them to pass or go around them so you don’t disturb them.

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