Söderåsen National Park
Foto: Rike Weber

Visitor Center

Naturum Söderåsen is a visitor centre located at Entré Skäralid - the entrance to Söderåsens national park. Here you will get inspiration and nature guidance to get out into nature. You will meet knowledgeable staff who can help you with your questions about the national park, the trails, and about its nature.

About the activity

Naturum functions as a gateway to nature. In the exhibition about the national park, you will find out more about Söderåsen's unique animals, plants, geology, and cultural history. In the experience room, you will find many activities such as a video microscope, craft table, life in the stump, and an interactive wall. Our permanent exhibition is currently being rebuilt and will reopen in the summer of 2024.

The visitor centre opening hours for 2024:

We open the visitor centre on 27 March, with the following opening hours:

Easter: 27 until 30 March, between 10 and 16.
Easter Sunday (31 March) and Easter Monday (1 April): Closed.

Wednesday until Friday, between 12 and 16.
Saturday and Sunday, between 10 and 16.
Also open on: Walpurgis night (30 April), between 10 and 16.

1 May, until 16 June:
Wednesday until Friday, between 12 and 17.
Saturday and Sunday, between 10 and 17.
Also open on:
1 May, between 10 and 17.  
9, and 10 May, between 10 and 17.  
6, and 7 June, between 10 and 17.

17 June, until 18 August:
Tuesday until Sunday, between 10 and 17.
Midsummer (21 June): Closed.

19 August, until 30 September:
Wednesday until Friday, between 12 and 17.
Saturday until Sunday, between 10 and 17.

1 October, until 3 November:
Wednesday until Friday, between 12 and 16.
Saturday and Sunday, between 10 and 16.


Birdwatching activity. Photo. Rike Weber


At naturum we offer activities and guided tours for children and adults:

  • Take part in our program activities such as the "nature mischief" and/or guided tours in the national park. The program will be posted as soon as it is ready
  • Discover the national park on your own with a walk around the pond, try the quiz, try a challenge or do the nature bingo.
  • Borrow a  magnifying glass, binoculars or an explorer's bagpack and discover Söderåsen's animals and plants.
  • There are guided tours in the exhibition throughout the day.
    Come  to the information desk if you would like to join in.
  • Discover the whole of Söderåsen with our hiking challenge:
    Hike to 20 nice places throughout Söderåsen, collect unique nature experiences! The hiking challenge map can be downloaded here or picked up in the visitor centre. Keep in mind that different rules apply depending on where you are - hiking areas, nature reserves or national parks. Be sure to know what applies for the area you are in.
    Söderåsens hiking challenge map - download

Current program activities and information can also be found on our Facebook page

Inside the visitor centre. Photo: Rike Weber

Guided tours for groups:

If you are a group, you can book a presentation which will be held outside the visitor centre. The presentation will last approximately 15 minutes.
Presentations are free of charge for all groups and are offered on weekdays, during naturum's opening hours.

If you as a private group would like to book a guided tour, we refer primarily to our certified guides and partners.
We will be happy to help you find the right one.

Visitor centre - Naturum

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact the naturum with/via any of the contact details below.

Nature guides are available via
phone 010 224 11 50 or
e-mail naturum.soderasen@lansstyrelsen.se


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