Söderåsen National Park
En höstbild över Kopparhatten. 2 stora berg med en dal i mitten. Det mesta är bevuxet av träd.

About Söderåsen National Park

Söderåsen National Park was formed in 2001 and covers 1,625 hectares.

Photo: County Administrative Board

The nature is varied, featuring lush deciduous forests, impressive talus slopes with high cliffs, flowing streams and panoramic views. The long, deep fissure valley by Skäralid is especially frequented. It is a rift valley of immense scope with perpendicular cliffs that envelope the Skärån river running along the bottom. Other impressive sites are Odensjön lake in the Nackarpsdalen valley as well as the vantage points of Kopparhatten, Hjortsprånget and Lierna along the Skäralidsdalen valley.