Söderåsen National Park
Atumn photo with Lake Odin from above and beech trees in autumn coloursFoto: Söderåsens nationalpark

Beautiful places

There are several beautiful areas and places that are worth a visit in Söderåsen nationalpark. Don't miss out on ...

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...the rift valley in Skäralid. A valley, more than 5 kilometer long and 90 meters deep, with steep slopes and a small flowing streem.

... Lake Odensjön, in the south part of the national park, in Nackarpsdalen valley.

...the three view points with beautiful views - Kopparhatten, Hjortsprånget and Lierna


View point Kopparhatten. Photo Söderåsens national park

Kopparhatten is the highest point in the national park and boasts a spectacular view across the Skäralid gorge. Experience how the cliffs and talus slopes frame the bottom of the gorge where the Skärån stream meanders through. On days when the clouds are low mist sweeps through the gorge, creating a dramatical effect and a feeling of being somewhere entirely else than Skåne.

There is an accessible viewing ramp as well as dry toilets and picknick tables. It's possible to drive all the way up to Kopparhatten, but the number of parking spots is limited. The most common way to get here is to hike the Kopparhattsrundan trail (4 kilometer), which starts at Skäralid.

Hjortsprånget and Lierna

Hjortsprånget, the Deer leap cliff. Photo. Söderåsens national park

Two beautiful and exposed spots which both have panoramic views of the gorge along with a sense of wilderness. The Deer leap (Hjortsprånget in Swedish) has gotten its' name from an ancient hunting method. By chasing the deer out on the narrow cliff plateau, you could drive them over the edge.

From Lierna there is a good view across Korsskär, where three gorges meet. Bring some fika and a book, or simply enjoy the view in tranquility. These spots are lesser known than Kopparhatten, but equally beautiful.

Lierna is not far from Liagården, while Hjortsprånget is near Skäralid. Both can be reached from the Hjortsprångsrundan trail (7,7 kilometer) which starts at Skäralid.

Lierna view point. Photo. Söderåsens national park

Skäralidsdalen rift valley

Skärån stream in the Skäralid valley

The Skärån stream meanders through the gorge, framed by the famed talus slopes and lush deciduous forest.  An abundance of mosses, lichens and fungi can be found and the water in the stream is cold and clear. Welcome to the heart of Söderåsen.

The Skärdammen pond lies at the mouth of the gorge next to naturum, where the forest slopes are reflected on the pond surface on calm days.

Both the Hjortsprångsrundan trail (7,7 kilometer) and the Kopparhattsrundan trail (4 kilometer) go through the Skäralid gorge. If you hike the Skåneleden trail between Skäralid and Klåveröd (6 kilometers) you will walk through the valley for almost the entire way.

Lake Odensjön and Nackarpsdalen valley

Lake Odensjön in the southern part of the national park. Photo Söderåsens national park

Surrounded by 30 meters high talus slopes sits the almost circular Odensjön lake. It's a popular swimming spot in summer and you're also allowed to fish here (permit required). The lake is spring fed with clean and clear water and is more than 20 meters deep. The view of the lake from the top of the surrounding slopes is also beautiful. Next to the lake there is a shelter to have fika in and a floating jetty.
The Odensjön lake lies inside the valley of Nackarpsdalen, which is more open and tranquil than the Skäralid gorge, but nevertheless beautiful. There are barbecue areas and a dry toilet, and it's a nice place for hiking.

Follow the Odensjön walk (1 kilometer) or the Nackarpsrundan trail (4,3 kilometer) to experience the area.

The ponds Härsnäsdammarna

Härsnäsdammarna (ponds). Foto: Söderåsens nationalpark

The Härsnäs ponds lie hidden in the forest between Röstånga and Skäralid. They were originally constructed as fishing ponds, but this is hard to guess nowadays. No fishing allowed today.

This is a calm place with benches for fika that is well worth a visit. There's plenty of animals and birds in the area.
You can get to ponds from the Härsnäs parking with a baby stroller.

The Härsnäsrundan trail (4,9 kilometer) passes the ponds and takes you on a nice tour around the area on trails and gravel roads.

Rallaté - volcano remnants

The Ralaté basalt knoll - sign of an old volcano. Photo. Söderåsens nationalpark

A modest little basalt hill – hardened lava – that in fact is the remnants of a 110 million years old volcano.
It's most easily reached by doing a small detour from the Härsnäsrundan trail (green) or the Skåneleden trail (orange) between Röstånga and Skäralid.


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