Töfsingdalen National Park
Foto: Naturcentrum AB

About Töfsingdalens National Park

In Töfsingdalen’s desolate and untouched open spaces, you can hike in primeval pine forests, lush spruce forests, grey seas of boulders and rushing waters and eat your packed lunch by a glittering, small forest lake.

The nearest road is far away, and outside the hiking trail it can be difficult to make your way through the fields of boulders.

Töfsingdalen is in the middle of the Långfjället nature reserve next to the Rogen and Femundsmarka wilderness areas. Together they form Gränslandet, the borderlands between Sweden and Norway – an area with high nature values and great importance for outdoor life. Because of the park’s inaccessibility, it is one of the least visited national parks in Sweden, making it all the more interesting for bird and animal enthusiasts.

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