Töfsingdalen National Park

Töfsingdalen National Park

True wilderness, boundless boulder fields and primeval forest

This is what all nature-loving romantics dream about: deserted open spaces with primeval pine and lush spruce forests, rushing waters and small, glittering lakes. Töfsingdalen is the archetype of wilderness, with its inaccessible, barren, desolate and rugged boulder fields. It really isn’t strange that the nature here is so untouched because in places the terrain can be almost impassable.

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Here, you will find everything you need to know before your visit to Töfsingdalen National Park. When it is best to visit the park, how to get there and the rules you will need to follow once you are there.

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Sweden’s national parks offer experiences for young and old alike. Here, you can read about the wide variety of activities and sites which you can experience in Töfsingdalen National Park.

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