Dalby Söderskog National Park
Larger woodpecker in close-up, sitting on a bare branch.Foto: Hans Cronert


Dead trees and fallen trunks are food, nurseries or living quarters for many species.

Those particularly dependent on deadwood are wood-dwelling insects, mushrooms, mosses, lichens and birds. Consequently, in Dalby Söderskog trees are allowed to remain where they fall. Woodpeckers thrive in the forest because there is plenty of food for them in the form of insects in deadwood. In the forest you can find great and lesser spotted woodpeckers, green woodpeckers and black woodpeckers. The nests that woodpeckers chisel out are eventually used by other birds and animals. Starlings and stock doves gladly nest in the woodpeckers’ abode and sometimes squirrels take over their living quarters.

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