Garphyttan National Park
Yellow and blue flowers.Foto: Kjell Store / Länsstyrelsen

Plant life

Today you will find flora and fauna that are typical for bygone meadowlands, with cowslips, viper's grass and milkwort as well as a number of different insects such as wild bees and butterflies.

Around midsummer the floral displays from the land’s plants are at their peak. Then a sea of cowslips in the meadow is succeeded by globeflowers, bitter vetch, viper's grass and other flowering plants. As remnants from the time when Östra Gården was inhabited, there are garden plants here that have run wild, such as columbines and orange lilies.


The forest in the national park has been allowed to evolve freely for a long time, and it now is a forest where many of today’s endangered plants, animals and mushrooms are thriving. Numerous threated and vulnerable flora and fauna get along well in this type of forest, with both dead and living trees of different ages. For example, many different mosses, lichens and woodpeckers are flourishing here. The deciduous trees in the hayfield also are important for many plants and animals.

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