Stenshuvud National Park
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Here you can read more about the different trails in Stenshuvud National Park.

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You find a map over the trails in the national park here:

Blue trail - About 1 km, 30 minutes

An easy and pleasant stroll takes you down to the sea. You can begin and end at the Naturum visitor centre. This trip is adapted for the disabled.

Along the way you will see the fringes of the orchid meadow that in the summer puts on a display of unparalleled floral splendour. The beach is always enjoyable, and here you can look at Krivareboden, the eel fishing hut that was a starting point for fishing since the period before Skåne became part of Sweden.

Red trail - 2 km, 1 hour

This is the classic Stenshuvud trail. It takes you through a hornbeam forest past old oaks and climbs to the top of Stenshuvud. You will come up through an ancient castle wall and can then enjoy the view of sea and shoreline along Hanöbukten bay.

There are three summits: the south, north and east. The north summit is the highest, rising 97 metres above the sea.

If you want to walk farther, you can go down steps and follow the yellow trail back, either along the alder marsh on the inner side of the mountain or around the foot of the mountain, following the edge of the sea back southwards. This part of the yellow trail is very rocky, however.

Yellow trail - 4 km, 1 1/2 hours

This trail takes you from the main entrance northwards through the hornbeam forest, past the alder marsh and via the north entrance and arboretum back through the oak forest on the east side of Stenshuvud. You also will pass the sandy beach before the trail turns off up towards the main entrance and Naturum. This trail is very rocky in places.

Orange trail – 0.5 km, about 15 minutes

The orange trail starts from the north entrance and takes you through the arboretum that was planted by county master gardener Carl Ekenstam at the end of the 19th century. The trail is adapted for the disabled.

Lilac trail - 3 km, 1 hour

For those who have been up on Stenshuvud a few times and want to have some variety, this is one of the most beautiful places you can find. The vantage point on Kortelshuvud affords a view across Stenshuvud and the sea. If you walk around the entire loop, you will find birch forest, hornbeam forests, meadows filled with vegetation, pastures and the wonderful long valley along the north branch of the Rörum river.

Skåneleden trail

It runs straight through the national park, taking you to Kivik in the north or to Simrishamn in the south. Through the park the trail is designated by orange bands marked with SL4 (Skåneleden trail section 5). From the north, the trail passes up across Stenhuvud, down via Naturum and then along the beach towards Simrishamn.

Read more about Skåneleden here:


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