Stenshuvud National Park
Foto: Ida Lundqvist


Stenshuvud has always attracted people to it. There is a grave here from the Stone Age, an ancient castle wall from the early Iron Age, and many primitive roads and traces of farming.

Preservation of the mountain

In 1931 Stenshuvud mountain was placed under protection as a 55-hectare natural monument. In 1954 its size was extended southwards to 109 hectares, taking in sand heaths and other land. In 1967 the area became a nature reserve and was enlarged again.

From nature reserve to national park

In 1986 Stenshuvud was declared a national park by Parliament, and on May 28 of the same year the Swedish royal couple dedicated the national park. It was formed because the area harbours great biological and geological values and is an important resource for outdoor life. Today the national park is 400 hectares in size, including 80 hectares of sea.

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