Stenshuvud National Park
Foto: Ida Lundqvist


The national park is rich in fauna.

If you are lucky, you might catch sight of roe deer, badgers, foxes and martens. Or maybe at least weasel, yellow-necked mouse and squirrel. The rare hazel dormouse is difficult to discover because it is awake at night and lives in brush. The grass snake and common viper prefer to sun themselves in a protected cranny, but they quickly move aside when they hear your step. Also present here are sand lizards, common newts and European tree frogs.

Many of the most common small birds frequent the forest. The rare blue ground beetle is in the area as well as the more common dung beetle, which can be seen on the paths. On and around the sandy heaths, you can find the scarlet rosefinch, the tree and tawny pipit and the golden oriole, which stands out on the species list.

Fallen trees left to promote biodiversity are home to many different wood-dwelling insects. On the trail of the beetles come great and lesser spotted woodpeckers as well as black and green woodpeckers, which thrive on them. To keep land in the area open and inhibit regrowth, cows and sheep are allowed to graze there. This helps to preserve a wide range of species.

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