Töfsingdalen National Park
Foto: Sebastian Kirppu

Marked hiking trails

Töfsingdalen is in a remote location. In the summer you can either make your way here on foot or book a flight on a helicopter.

About the activity

There are marked summer trails leading from the Lake Grövelsjön research station 13 kilometres south of Töfsingdalen or from Ängesildret, 10 kilometres east of the park.

It is a little easier to get to the park in the winter because there are marked ski and snowmobile trails from Lake Grövelsjön and from Björnliden.

No paths

Except for a short section of summer trail by the park’s north-eastern corner, there are no paths in the area. From the Hävlingestugorna cabins, there also is a marked summer trail along the Storån river that follows the entire southern border of Töfsingdalen. The trail continues down to the car park by Ängesildret, 9 kilometres east of the park.

Trail to mountain cabins

At the Spångkojan cabin 4 kilometres south of the park, a marked summer trail proceeds northward through Töfsingdalen’s north-eastern corner east of Hovden. The trail takes you to Lake Töfsingen and beyond towards the Swedish Tourist Association’s mountain cabins at Storrödtjärn.


The whole year

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