Garphyttan National Park
Close up of yellow flowers, globeflowerFoto: Leif Olofsson

Ängsstigen 0,6 km

A path that is easy to walk in open terrain. It takes you from the rest area just east of the car park past the Östra Gården building foundations and old fields that surround the little gravel road.

About the activity

The path follows ledges formed by the sea thousands of years ago, when waves beat against the slope and formed the beach ridges that today give the meadow its undulating contours. In spring and summer this is a flower-bedecked stroll, from the sea of wood anemones in the spring to summer flowers such as columbines, fairy flax and globeflowers.

From the gravel road, the path continues eastward into what formerly was cropland. After a short while, it turns back and crosses the road farther to the west across former cultivated land. Here you will see many pruned (pollarded) trees and mounds of stones cleared from the land.

Remember that you may not walk in the meadow outside the paths before the grass is mowed or pick flowers and other plants in the national park!


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