Garphyttan National Park
A wooden sign and fence by a meadow.Foto: Kjell Store

Lövstigen 1,3 km

A trail that is rather easy to walk, but rocky and hilly in places.

About the activity

From the rest area just east of the car park, you cross the gravel road diagonally and proceed along the path southwards through an open former field. If you are here during early summer, the ground glows with the golden yellow of many cowslips. After walking about 100 metres, you find yourself among deciduous trees and hazel shrubs.

Between the path and the main road, the area is cleared to keep it open so that the hazel shrubs get enough sunlight to flourish. Spotted nutcrackers and other fauna like hazelnuts. After about 400 metres the coniferous forest flanking the path ends, and the path goes up on a slight incline. Here the forest is allowed to run its course, grow old and die naturally, which results in a varied environment with many dead trees both standing and lying on the ground.

Be on the lookout for squirrels and woodpeckers and for droppings or other signs of badgers and foxes along the path! After another 150 metres, the forest changes its guise again, and you are surrounded by deciduous trees and shrubs. On the ground you can see remnants of many charcoal kilns in the form of decimetre-high circular ridges.

The path then turns sharply, and on the way back westward, you pass former fields that have been managed as hayfields for a long time. On the last segment you follow the gravel road back to the rest area and car park.

Remember that you may not walk in the meadow outside the paths before the grass is mowed or pick flowers and other plants in the national park!


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