Garphyttan National Park
Foto: Jesper Pietsch

When you should visit the park

Garphyttan National Park offers a pleasant nature experience every day of the year.

As early as March the first flower – the daphne, with blossoms that open on a bare sprig – bids you welcome. Some weeks later you can enjoy hepaticas and wood anemones by the thousands. Like the migratory fowl that recently have returned.

Around midsummer the meadows are in full bloom. When you have had your fill of all the flowers, head out into the forest and enjoy the quietude. Be on the lookout for woodpeckers, nutcrackers or perhaps a squirrel.

At all times of the year, as long as the snow is not too deep, it is delightful to walk on some of the longer hiking paths and enjoy all the sounds of the forest, the scents and the lovely light filtering down from the crowns of trees. Enjoy the view from some of the three vantage points or why not take advantage of the chance to grill a sausage at one of the two rest areas with a fireplace?

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