Garphyttan National Park
Foto: Fredrik Wilde

Rest, eat and sleep

Fire areas and making fire

In the national park you are only allowed to make a fire in the fire pits provided within designated fire areas (as marked on maps and information signs in the national park). Presently this is at the park entrance and the rest areas Skomakaretorpet and Svensbodaberget. Fire wood is provided in these areas. Some fire areas are equipped with an axe and saw for splitting and sawing the wood as needed. Remember that no wooden materials may be collected from the natural environment of the national park.  

Picnic tables and restrooms

At the park entrance you will find picnic tables, including several tables with high accessibility. There you can also find a restroom. 

Overnight camping   

If you want to spend the night in the national park camping is allowed in a designated area nerby the parking/entrance. Here you can raise a tent or windbreaker within the area, delineated by rope. Camping is allowed for one night only.

Nearby food and accommodations

For information about food and accommodations near the national park the tourist agencys in Karlskoga/Degerfors and Lekeberg:

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