Garphyttan National Park
Country road.Foto: Elisabeth Karlsson


By the car park there is a spacious privy. A paved, easily accessible path leads from the car park to a meadow with an abundance of flowers.

Along the path there are three benches for people who want to rest or enjoy the view. From there you can follow the little gravel road farther for a while through the meadowland before the path climbs steeply upwards. Remember that the gravel road sometimes can be a little rutted and bumpy – after the melting away of snow or a heavy rain, for example.

Right after the path from the car park, there is a rest area that is adapted for people with reduced mobility. On the paved surface there is room for a wheelchair. If you follow the gravel road for a ways, you will come to another rest area that also has a paved surface as well as two picnic tables that are easily accessible.

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