Sarek National Park
Foto: Laponiatjuottjudus

Visitor centre

In the heart of Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke on the Viedásnjárgga point by Lake Láŋas you find the visitor centre. It is visitor centre for the entire Laponia World Heritage Site. 

Visitors can see slide shows and exhibits, go on tours, take part in children’s activities, listen to talks and learn more about the Sami way of living. At naturum you can also get more information about what day trips you can go on in the area. The circular building is designed to collect snow so that when there are storms on the point in the winter, the snow will become part of the architecture.

The Laponia World Heritage Site also has several Laponia entrances and visitor centres with different themes. The Laponia entrance in Huhttán/Kvikkjokk is an entrance for Sarek and it deals in particular with the Sarek and Padjelanta/Badjelánnda national parks.

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