Tresticklan National Park


Mining occurred in several places during the 18th century. A bit north-west of Orshöjden’s highest point, the area’s largest mine began operations at the end of the 1740s.

A company known as Räfvemarkens Järngrufvor was formed, and it had a blast furnace built by Stora Le, outside the national park. Most of the mining sites are now filled with water.

After completing his military service for Rävmarken in 1778, Engelbrekt Räfvendahl came to the Orstjärnsbråtarna croft (Bråtarne on the economic map) as mine-captain and drill smith. He built a forge on the eastern shore of Tresticklan next to the mine at Sminäset.

Mining of mica and quartz has taken place at Bråtvallstjärnet tarn and on the western edge of Stora Pylsan lake, among other places.

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