Tresticklan National Park

Old trade route

An old trade route called Hallevägen went through the area, cutting straight across it in an east-west direction.

Residents of Rävmarken, Bomarken and Knipan in particular made use of this trail to obtain necessities in Fredrikshald (Halden) that had to be purchased. From Rävmarken they went via Rökullehögen past the Gäddvassmon croft (Råbacken). Then the trail continued westward to the strait between Stora and Lilla Tresticklan, which one could then cross on a footbridge.

After Tresticklan the trail continued up to Svennetjärnen tarn and over the southern part of the Hallåsen ridge as well as south of Halltjärn tarn in order to follow the eastern side of Norra Märdetjärn tarn to the north end. There a connecting trail from Näs in Nössemark led down to Bodalsviken, where people passed the Bodalsviken croft on the Swedish side. This croft was inhabited as far back as 1704 and abandoned at the end of the 19th century.

Then the hike proceeded into Norway past farms such as Skogen and Takelund. The distance between Rökullehögen and Halden is more than 30 kilometres, so a trip normally took two days with an overnight stay with the tradesman.

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