Åsnen National Park
Rest area by the lake.Foto: Länsstyrelsen Kronoberg


All visitors should have the opportunity to experience Åsnen National Park one way or another. Information on accessibility at Åsnen National Park is available here.


The national park has two entrances: the Sunnabron main entrance and the Trollberget entrance.

Main entrance at Sunnabron

The main entrance is in the north-eastern part of the national park. Parking for around 40 cars and two coaches is available here. Disabled parking spaces are also available here. Bikes can be parked adjacent to the road. Paths have been installed so that disabled people – wheelchair users, for example – and families with buggies can access the park. Toilets, waste disposal facilities, jetties, campfire areas, shelters and an information area are all available here.

Toilets, a campfire area and information are available at Bjurkärr. A viewing area (ramp) has been built along the Skogsslingan path so that users of wheelchairs and buggies can get closer to the water.

Trollberget entrance

This entrance is situated on the western side of the national park. Parking for around 20 cars and two coaches is available here. Disabled parking spaces for two minibuses are provided nearer to the information area and the lake. Parking for bikes is available near the information area along the Banvallsleden trail. Paths have been installed for wheelchairs, buggies, etc. A shelter, toilets, waste disposal facilities, a viewing area and rest areas with and without barbecue facilities are available here.

Naturum Kronoberg

Naturum Kronoberg is the gateway to all of Åsnen and the national park. Information and a thrilling exhibition for people of all ages can be found here.


The national park is home to 8 trails. These are all marked with different colours/numbers and are of varying lengths from 0.3 km to 2.6 km, and they can be combined. The national park has five trails that can be accessed by wheelchair and buggy users: two at the Trollberget entrance at three at the Sunnabron entrance and Bjurkärr. Users of wheelchairs and buggies can use these trails.

Rest areas

Rest areas and seating are available at Bjurkärr and along a number of the footpaths, as well as at the entrances.

Film showing accessibility and rest areas in Åsnen National Park:

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