Muddus / Muttos National Park
Foto: Jan Erik Nilsson


Reindeer are in Muddus/Muttos National Park year-round. In the national park there also are bears, lynx and wolverines, but your chances of seeing them are small. You are more likely to encounter reindeer, elk or some of the forests’ and marshes’ many birds.


Capercaillie, black grouse and hazelhen flourish in the forest year-round, and Siberian jay and Siberian tit also are present. But the time when bird life is at peak intensity is early summer. When the migratory fowl have returned, the forest resounds with bramblings, redstarts and redwings. Whooper swans, bean geese and black-throated loons appear on the lakes, and out in the marshes you can hear cranes, sandpipers and snipes.

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