Söderåsen National Park
red squirrel in a treeFoto: Länsstyrelsen Skåne


The fauna of the national park is diverse and rich. For example, mammals, birds, fish and various species of insects are at home here.

Bee beetle. Photo: Söderåsen national park

Common species such as fallow deer and badgers are present, but polecats, ermines, wild boars and bats also are well represented among the park’s mammals.

Birds that breed in the area include the stock dove, hawfinch, long-tailed tit, grey wagtail, lesser spotted woodpecker, honey buzzard and goshawk. An exciting current project is the establishment of new living quarters for eagles in the national park.

Of the various groups of fauna, insects are the most multifaceted. Here you will find unique species such as the large black longhorn beetle, darkling beetle, tineid moth. Many of the species are associated with dead wood.

Kardinalbagge. Foto. Söderåsens nationalpark

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