Söderåsen National Park
View over Skärdammen pond with trees in autumn coloursFoto: Länsstyrelsen Skåne


During the 1960s a conservation plan was put forward for the whole of Söderåsen at the initiative of the county administrative board. It specifically pointed out which areas should be protected in nature reserves, including pretty much the entire national park area.

In the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s national park plan presented in 1989, a 1100-hectare area was demarcated and proposed to become a national park.

The first government land acquisitions were made as early as 1980. Transfer of the 478-hectare Skäralid crown park area from the Swedish National Forest Enterprise to the Environmental Protection Agency was completed at the end of 1995. But forestry in the park’s deciduous forests had actually come to an end back in November 1989, when work was halted in the middle of a logging operation.

During the 1990s most of the land was acquired, but the area around Odensjön lake and the Nackarpsdalen valley did not come under government ownership until November 2000. The Swedish Parliament decided to form Söderåsen National Park on 10 May 2001. On 13 June 2001, the 1625-hectare national park was inaugurated by the King of Sweden.

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