Söderåsen National Park
close up on newly sprung beech leavesFoto: Länsstyrelsen Skåne

Nearby nature areas

The Söderåsen national park is just a part of the geographic area called Söderåsen. The Söderåsen ridge is roughly 30 kilometers long and spans from Röstånga in the southeast to Åstorp in the northwest.

The dramatic and diverse landscape can be experienced also outside the national park borders and there are several other nature areas nearby to enjoy and discover. We have listed a couple of nature reserves and further below some recreational areas not far from Söderåsen.

There is a folder for you to down load, or visit the visitor centre to pick up a copy.

Klöva Hallar nature reserve

Klöva Hallar rift valley. Photo Mats Sjöberg

A smaller and calmer version of Skäralid, complete with talus slopes, gorges and steep cliffs. The Klövabäcken stream meanders through the gorge and lush deciduous forest is growing both in the gorge and on the above plateaus.

There is an area with restricted access, near one of the cliffs during part of the year (March 1st – July 31st). Please look out for signs and respect the restrictions.

A section of the Skåneleden trail goes through the nature reserve and there is also a trail, marked with yellow. The trail is 5 kilometres but currently not marked on the map. The trail is circular.
There are barbecue areas in Krika skog and by the shelter in the gorge.

There are two parking areas to the nature reserve. One in the northwest and one in southeast.

There is some additional information, at the following website. You need to scroll down on the page.

Herrevadskloster nature reserve

Oaks in a green meadow. Photo Maria Sandell

Herrevadskloster exhibits vast and rolling old pastures with a large number of old trees, some of them more than 200 years old.
The Rönneå stream divides the nature reserve and is popular among canoers.
The old monastery (kloster in Swedish) is long gone, but the area was used by the military from the 1600s up until the mid 1900s and there are many other cultural remains to explore in the area.

You have several options for parking

There is some additional information on the following website. You need to scroll down on the page.

Jällabjär nature reserve

Walking in Jällabjär. Photo: Carina Zätterström

Jällabjär, right outside Röstånga, is a softly rounded hill and is all that is left of an old volcano. The hill is surrounded by diverse nature and cultural landscapes with beech forest, old farmlands, juniper grasslands and alder marsh.
There is a shelter with a fireplace and a dry toilet close to the south parking.
There are two hiking trails in Jällabjär, both 3 kilometers long.

There are two possibilities for parking, one in the southeast and one in the northwest

There is some additional information on the following website. You need to scroll down on the page.

Traneröds Mosse nature reserve

The Traneröd bog with hiking paths. Photo: Alex Regnér

A large and varied nature reserve right next to Söderåsen national park. It is a species-rich area with plenty of cultural remains that is, among other things, popular among bird watchers.
Here there is an accessible walkway (wood) that leads out onto the bog.
There will be a dry toilet and fireplaces nearby.

This nature reserve is part of the Klåveröd nature area mentioned below, and two of the Klåveröd trails can be reached from the Traneröds mosse parking (3 and 5 kilometers long).

There is some additional information, in Swedish if you follow the first link and on the second you need to scroll down on the page.

Vedby recreational area

Vedby spruce forest. Photo. Agneta Borgström/Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap

In Vedby there is an unusually high number of tree species and this is the place for those interested in learning more about trees. There are several well marked trails here.

Along the tree trail, for example, you will meet spruce trees which smell of oranges and conifers which drop their needles in the autumn.
In the hilly landscape alternate beech and conifer forests grow. Vedby has for a very long time been a small-scale agricultural landscape and there are plenty of traces and remnants of fields and agricultural heaps/stone cairns.

More information about Vedby recreational area is available on the following web site. Currently only available in Swedish.

You can get here either by bus or by car. Head toward Klippan.
From Oderljungavägen there are signs toward Vedby strövområde.

Finnstorp recreational area

Hiking in Finnstorp. Foto: Agneta Borgström/Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap

On the southern hills of the Söderåsen ridge lies the recreation area of Finnstorp, an easily accessible area and a popular destination since the turn of the century.
Here, you will find varying landscapes with beech trees, areas of planted spruce and two ponds created in a previous alder bog.
A perfect small area for a daytrip or shorter walks.

More information about Finnstorp you will find on the following web page. Currently onlly available in Swedish.

You can get here either by bus or car. From Kågeröd follow signs toward Stenestad. The recreation area is about 3 km from Stenestad.
Bus 230 goes from the bus stop of Helsingborg C to the town of  Teckomatorp and will stop at Kågeröd Lunnaskolan, about 2 km from the recreational area.

Klåveröd recreational area

Spruce forest. Photo: Torbjörn Lingöy/Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap

The Klåveröd nature and recreational area lies just northwest of Söderåsen national park.
Within the area there are several marked hiking trails (1-5 kilometers) as well as designated MTB trails.
Within the leisure area there are also nature reserves, for example Traneröds mosse. In nature reserves different rules apply and it is important that you know in which area you are, and what you are allowed to do there.
The nature in Klåveröd is varied, with different kinds of forests, boulders, cliffs and crevices. It's possible to drive all the way up to the beautiful Klåveröd pond, where there are barbecue areas, tables and toilets. Some of the hiking trails can be reached from here.
The parking at the Klåveröd pond sometimes fills up in the weekends, but there are several other parking spots to choose from in the area.

There is some additional information, on the following website. Currently only available in Swedish.

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