Stenshuvud National Park
Foto: Ida Lundqvist


All entrance areas and their facilities are adapted for accessibility.

All entrances have information boards with a map of the national park, brochures, and dry closets. At the main entrance there are also regular water toilets and a drink water tap where you can refill your water bottle.

Out on the pastures you will find cows and sometimes sheep. If you do not want to come in contact with grazing livestock, you can ask at the visitor center, naturum Stenshuvud, about trails that do not go through pastures.

All hiking trails except for Skåneleden go in loops so it is easy to get back to where you started. The Skåneleden trail (SL4), on the other hand, goes straight through the national park from Kivik to Simrishamn.

Wheelchair and walker accessibility on the trails and at naturum

At the north entrance the green trail has been hardened with stone dust for wheelchair and walker accessibility.

The blue trail down to the sea has been hardened with fine gravel and boardwalk.

In naturum Stenshuvud there is an elevator down to the exhibit on the ground floor. In the exhibit it is easy to get around with a wheelchair, pram or walker. For children there are stools to stand on so that they can reach up to the touch-friendly models.

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