Store Mosse National Park
Foto: Martha Wägeus


Edvard Wibeck was a professor and conservationist born in 1877, who fought for Store Mosse to become National Park for the better part of his life.

In his twenties he noticed Lake Kävsjöns unique birdlife, with species such as the Broad-billed Sandpiper and the Jack Snipe. These are species that normally live in the northernmost part of Sweden.

National park and nature reserve

In 1905 Edvard suggested that the Lake  Kävsjön area should be protected. Approximately 20 years later he suggested that the Quagmire, Stora Gungflyet and the surrounding area also should be protected. The fight for protecting the area continued and during the 1950’s he proposed making the area a National Park. Two years prior to his death Store Mosse became a nature reserve and finally, ten years after his passing, Edvards dream came true. Store Mosse became a National Park in 1982.

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