Store Mosse National Park
Foto: Martha Wägeus


There is a lot of dead wood, and that means many insects, so many birds, small and large, including the green and black woodpecker thrive.

Cranes, whooper swans, Eurasian curlews and wood sandpipers are characteristic birds along with somewhat more unusual species such as the jack snipe and the whimbrel. Black grouse and capercaillie also do well here. There are resident golden eagles, and white-tailed eagles appear regularly year-round. Ospreys hunt at Lake Kävsjön. Especially during winter, there are lots of eagles in the National Park as they are given carcasses at a feeding station from November until March.

Mammals and dragonflies

You can come across moose, roe deer, fox and badger here and there. Otter are also found in the area. About 25 different species of dragonflies flit around during the summer.


There are resident golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in the National Park. The white tailed eagles (Haliaeetus albicilla) can also be spotted throughout the year. During wintertime (nov-mar) the eagles are fed and are more easily observed. The feeding table is filmed duiring the season by a live camera that can be observed at naturum or here:

The osprey hunts for fish in lake Kävsjön. Outside naturum we feed passerine birds year round and you can get quite close to them. 


There is a plentiful supply of fish in Lake Kävsjön and Kalvasjön, but the small pools in the bog are devoid of fish because of the acid waters.


In the calcerous marsh Björnekullakärret there is the rare Geyer's Whorl Snail (Vertigo geyeri). The molluscs fauna is otherwise not inventoried.

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