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Store Mosse National Park

Plant life

The enormous marsh stretches out across tens of thousands of hectares, extending beyond the National Park boundaries and forming a landscape with primordial characteristics. The marsh land has a great abundance of species.

Out on the raised bog, three different species of carnivorous sundew flourish along with more than 20 species of peat moss. Crowberry, heather, hare's-tail cottongrass and stunted pines add character to the raised bog. On the edges you will find sweet gale, marsh Labrador tea and cranberry.

Plants growing in the lime-rich Björnekullakärret fen include parnassia, cotton deergrass, narrow-leaved marsh orchid, marsh helleborine, fragrant orchis, butterwort and broad-leaved bog-cotton, which are typical species for lime-rich fens.

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