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Foto: Länsstyrelsen Jönköping

Restoration of Kävsjön and Häradsösjön

The County Administrative Board in Jönköping is planning an extensive restoration project during 2019-2023 to restore the Kävsjön and Häradsjön area. Both areas were heavily affected by lowering of the water table during the 19th century.

Kävsjön and Häradsösjön have previously been larger lakes that decreased in size due to lake subsidence. They were carried out in the 1840´s to create more farmland. The newly created lands were used for both mowing and grazing. The farms around the lake shared the shore meadows, around 400 cows, 250 sheep and around 50 horses grazed during the first half of the 20th century. The open beach areas attracted many different birds, such as waders. In the second half of the 20th century, grazing and mowing stopped. This resulted in bushes and sedges started to grow on the meadows.

Between 2019 and 2023, extensive work is planned to restore the lakes to their former glory. By recreating the environments from the past, one contribute to a more favorable condition for the birdlife. Shrubs and trees must be cleared away and Kävsjön's water surface must be regulated both through raising and lowering in order to open up the areas again. Lake Häradsösjön must be regulated so that the small puddles become a continuous water surface again, although not quite as large as before the lowering of the lake.

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