Färnebofjärden National Park
Foto: Länsstyrelsen Gävleborg


The main entrance has a visitor center and is our most accessible entrance.

Main entrance and visitor center

There is a dry toilet available for wheelchairs, garbage cans, resting places with fireplaces as well as connecting joints and circular loops.

Along the stroller path (a 300 meter long nature trail adapted for wheelchairs and strollers) is a windshield with wide opening and without threshold. There are also bench tables with protruding table top and backrest. At the end of the nature trail there is a wide footpath with a view over the river. It is relatively easy to reach with a wheelchair and stroller in the entrance area.

Western entrance Balforsen

The Balforsen in the Tyttbo area constitute the western entrance to the national park. At the entrance there are information boards, dry toilet (wheelchair accessible), garbage cans, resting places with fireplaces and several parking options. The area is accessibility-adapted with a cast ramp so that it is possible to get close to the water as well as a wind protection with a wide opening and without threshold.


In Skekarsbo there are information boards, dry toilets (wheelchair accessible), garbage cans, resting places with fireplaces, lookout towers and connecting trails and circular trails. Skekarsboslingan begins with a wider graveled path which is quite steep up towards the lookout tower. At the water there is a windscreen with a large opening and without a threshold. There is also a dock suitable for wheelchairs. However, access to the bridge varies during the year, depending on water levels.


Öberget is the part of the national park that has the least visitors and where the wilderness feeling is greatest. A large joint system is based on Öberget's entrance and goes out on Tinäset. The trail system starts on an earlier forest road. Further out in the path system, the paths are rocky and narrow, and not accessible for access.

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