Färnebofjärden National Park

Färnebofjärden National Park

A unique river landscape in a remarkably beautiful part of the Lower Dalälven river

Lakes, rapids, wetlands and forests form a mosaic of special environments.

About Färnebofjärden National Park

Major floods in the national park!

01 September 2023

There are still high flows with high current speeds, which makes it unsafe to stay in the water. Don't take unnecessary risks! The trails are still wet and some are flooded. But there are places you can go and experience a bit of the national park and the mighty water. Main entrance North, three kilometers southeast of Gysinge. Here you only reach a bit on the trails. Here you reach four new shelters and fireplaces. Then the floods begin. Also feel free to take a walk over the car bridges, to Main Entrance South, to experience the river's thunderous power from the bridges. At both the Main Entrance North and South there are also bench tables, fireplaces and toilets. Entrance Skekarsbo, one mile northwest of Tärnsjö. Go up the 20 meter high observation tower and look out over the river. Right now, you can also stay dryshod at one of our three new shelters by the water. At that particular shelter you can set up for long tables! Here we have put together two new long nice bench tables, perfect for parties or other gatherings. As with other entrances, there are also toilets and fireplaces. Naturum in Gysinge. Go out on Kvarnön in the middle of Gysingeforsen, and be enchanted by the swirling water masses. Here is a mill ruin where you can read about how the power of the rapids waterfalls used in the past. /National Park Administration

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