Fulufjället National Park
Fir tree on a cloudy day, stones in the ground and a remote landscapeFoto: Länsstyrelsen i Dalarnas län

The world's oldest tree

There is a 9,565 year old spruce on the mountain. The tree, Old Tjikko as it is known, was discovered when researchers examined the tree line in the mountains. The spruce is a clone and the observable part which is above ground is a few hundred years old.

About the activity

The fact that the trees are able to grow higher and higher up on the mountain is a sign that the climate is changing.

Spruces can reproduce by growing new roots from the branches, which is how Old Tjikko has survived through the ages. During warmer periods the spruce has stood upright, while it has in colder periods survived as a bush, protected by the snow.


The whole year

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