Fulufjället National Park
Fallen pines in front of living trees.Foto: Sebastian Kirppu

Traces after the storm

A huge rainstorm passed over Fulufjället in 1997, resulting in the worst thunderstorm in the region in a thousand years. Lightning struck Fulufjället more than 700 times! So much rain fell that night that massive boulders were dislodged from the mountain.

About the activity

Today it is possible to visit Göljån and see traces of the storm. Today, flowers, mosses and lichens grow on the gravel heaps that were piled up.

The three-toed woodpecker likes the area, which has a lot of dead wood, and in 2015 the Gyr Falcon decided to nest here instead of on the cliffs by Njupeskär, where they usually raise their chicks.

The trail through the Göljå valley is very hard to walk, and is reserved for experienced hikers.


The whole year

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