Färnebofjärden National Park
The silhouette of a person with evening sun in his back.Foto: Tobias Franzen

Experience the park from the water

A good way to experience Färnebofjärden National Park is from the water.

About the activity

Canoes are available for rent at Brukshandeln Jenny & Maud in Gysinge (+46 (0)291-210 75), at Schwedenpause Camping in Österfärnebo and at Östa Camping.

If you start from Östa, you will find places to launch boats, several car parks, windbreaks, fireplaces and marked paths in the Östra nature reserve right next to the national park.

Information about rest areas and launching places at Färnebofjärden

Other: You are not allowed to paddle in bird sanctuary areas from January 1 to June 15.


The whole year

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