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Foto: Kenneth Johansson

Eagle feeding station

In winter, eagles and other birds of prey are fed. The eagle hide for the public is located along the gravel road Kittlakull - Östra Rockne on the south side of the road. The hiding place is always open and can be visited all year round.

About the activity

The public viewing point for the eagles 
The public viewing point for the eagles

During the winter months, golden eagles and sea eagles are fed in the national park. The meat on the feeding is mainly from road kills. The feeding can be seen from an eagle hide, 400 meters from the feeding spot, and is located next to the dirt road. The eagle hide is open all year round. Feel free to bring binoculars to be able to see, preferably binoculars. Be observant that it is not allowed to go outside the fence area, then the birds will disappear immediately! It is possible to borrow ordinary binoculars and binoculars in the nature room. To get a loan, a deposit is required, such as a driver's license or similar.

If you can't visit the hide, you can take a look at the eagles through a webcam that is directed towards their "restaurant". But, the webcam is only active during the feeding period, follow the link further down.

Värnamo bird club helps with the eagle feeding.

Young sea eagle and golden eagle at the feeding



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