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Foto: Martha Wägeus

Bird-rich fen areas

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Stora Gungflyet (Large Quagmire)

A fen area along the southern side of Lake Kävsjön. The quagmire consists of a blanket of entangled roots and other vegetation that partly floats on the water. Cranes nest here, and often you can see birds foraging in the billowing vegetation.


Waterlogged and very difficult to cross. This has led to many stories about lost cattle and people. Blådöpet means “the bottomless dark opening in the swamp”.

Blådöpet, which is about four kilometres long, begins at Lake Kalvasjön in the north-east and cuts across the entire southern part of the the raised bog. It finally ends at River Storån. The swamp is made up of firm sphagnum tussocks alternating with open areas of water where you will find both yellow and white water lilies and the beautiful bog arum.

A more abundant variety of bird species are found in and around Blådöpet compared to the surrounding mire.

Lake Horssjön and Lake Häradsösjön

Lake Häradsösjön  diminished almost entirely when the water level of Lake Kävsjön was lowered. Lake Horssjön was drained in the 1870s. The dried lake floors were used as hayfields and grazing land during the early 1900s. Today the area have turned into fens and quagmires.

During the spring flood, Lake Horssjön in particular can regain some of its former appearance and large flocks of birds congregate here. Moose is also abound in the area, and there is a bird observation tower by Kvarnö at the edge of the lake.


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